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DOCUMENTS     About : Banana Kisses and Frozen margaritas,

About : Banana Kisses and Frozen margaritas,

August 7th 2007

EXIT#28 – flowers
Banana Kisses and Frozen Margaritas is a work on the internalised discourse of seduction. Portraits of girls, of boys, portraits of flowers. Two photographic images are joined and confined from one side and another by a vertical monochrome surface. Suspended time, frozen instant, private moment between tension and vanishing. A state on the edge, where the body of nude appearance is dressed in a film of water to give a living sensuality to its extended body. The part of the other thus comes to brush the softness of the skin with bubbles and trickles of clear water which spill out in a continuous flow to give an added light to the bodies of these adolescents stretching out towards an image of desire and an image of oneself to emphasise its emerging beauty. The flowers, they also bloom in the instant parallel to the body. They breathe beauty, scents, a strong and poisonous form, soft or smooth. Their colour gives a different light to the picture and the black and white photograph. The body thus presents itself towards the imagined other with sheaves of colour and captivating forms which amplify its presence.

The monochromes enclose the landscape/portrait and the shape of the united colours give the picture the final light which lends the ensemble a permanent vibration. Masculine, Feminine. Playing with the sexuality of the flowerings, bodies erect between the vertical monochromes to give the picture and its representation a quality of vertigo and of the interiorised and radiant beauty of adolescence and its questioning of expectant desire. This series of pictures is composed like scenes. Fragile but nevertheless strong narratives which exploit the language of my works. That is to say photography, painting, sculpture, the minimal dimension. And also weight, as physical as it is spatial, responsible for expanding the bearing of our body and our field of vision. This all in a horizontality locked in by two monochromes which work like elements of a non-image. Which leaves the visitor with the choice of an inner speech equal to that of their emotion. A work on the closure of being, on the dark depths of our desire and of our dreams. A work on inner beauty and the landscape of the soul.